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Conditions of Hire
1.  All bookings are subject to the terms of use as set out in the A.E.C. User Guide
2.  The A.E.C. will confirm the booking by email to the above email address. 

Should an automatic reply not be received, it is necessary to contact the bookings person on 0419 934 994, as otherwise the booking will not be made. 
3.  Cancellation with less than 2-weeks notice will result in a cost of $60/day.  
4.  When used, the indoor and outdoor arenas must be cleaned of all manure and dragged at the end of the hire session.  We acknowledge that if this is not done, an additional charge of $50 will be payable.  
5.  Where yards are used, they must be cleaned of manure and hay, and the gates   
closed before leaving the Centre.  No feed, including hay, is to be taken into any arena.  
6.  When the grounds are being used for an event, and you are not participating in the event, the grounds or facilities may only be used with the authority of the organiser.