"No Frills" Unofficial Dressage Competition


The "No Frills" Dressage Competition  is SDDC's low key unofficial competition days which are open to Southern Districts Dressage Club members (for which day membership can be purchased). 

They are normally  co-hosted events with the Albany Equestrian Centre, so that all A.E.C. members can also take part in the competition.

Classes usually include Preparatory - Advanced and Para classes on request. 


Entry costs are kept to a minimum and ribbons are given to place getters. 


Great competitions to take young horses to or if you are trying dressage out for the first time as the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. 


The "No Frills" Dressage Competition is the second event in the Regional Dressage Competition.


The competitions are also useful for those preparing for bigger events or going up a grade.

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